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Wini Beach Landscape, North Central Timor, NTT

Writer: Fredy Suni

Wini Beach Landscape, North Central Timor, NTT @Edisiswanto

KEFAMENANU, Tafenpah.com - The charm of Wini beach at the tip of West Timor, East Nusa Tenggara is able to stun everyone who has visited there.

How not, the combination of lowlands, mountains, and the sea that stretches as wide as the ocean is part of the beauty of Wini.

Wini is one of the areas located in North Insana District, North Central Timor Regency (TTU), NTT.

Wini also saves a myriad of natural beauty that is second to none in the world. Because in addition to the geographical location which is directly adjacent to the Timor Leste Sea and southern Australia, there are tourist attractions that tourists should not miss when visiting there.

The following are tourist attractions in Wini and its surroundings.


Wini Beach Landscape, North Central Timor, NTT @Edisiswanto

Since the Jokowi era, Eastern Indonesia, especially the North Central Timor (TTU) Regency, NTT has been considered with totality. Where various facilities and infrastructure of roads, public spaces, and tourist attractions began to emerge.

Indeed, before Jokowi, tourist attractions on the island of Timor (Kefamenanu) already existed. However, the facilities and infrastructure are not so good. As a result, domestic and foreign tourists are not very familiar with Wini.

However, since the Wini State Border Post (PLBN) was officially introduced by the Central Government through the TTU Regional Government, Wini has progressed and has become an attraction for anyone to simply spend their vacation time with their beloved family.

Now, in their spare time, the people of TTU are sure to hunt for interesting spots along the Wini PLBN which is directly opposite the ocean and is very beautiful and exotic.

Especially for young people or teenagers who are having an affair while capturing this special moment with Wini's PLBN view which is so tempting.

Not only teenagers, but the elders can also reminisce along the Wini PLBN by squinting their eyes and minds towards the era of the 70-the 90s when they were still in love with their current life partners.

Because there is room to share, reminisce, and take selfies while enjoying the sunset behind the waters of the Timor sea which is slowly disappearing from the sight of two lovers who are nostalgic while enjoying Timor instruments and the twinkling garden lights and the fishermen. who has started to prepare themselves to find fish in the sea?

Tempting Rice Fields

Clarise Jenifer's sister is enjoying the beauty of the Exotic Wini Beach, Timor island

In addition to enjoying precious moments with family, tourists will also be served a very wide view of the local people's rice fields and the view will be even more hypnotizing.

Because the location of Wini's rice fields is flanked by mountains and as far as the eye can see, there is a stretch of blue sea on the islands of Timor and Timor Leste.

Painting the sunset and wrapped in imagination with the rising and setting of the Sun in the rice fields owned by local residents also helped to arouse the desire to travel for anyone to continue to explore the beauty of Wini and its surroundings.

Then, it is distributed to the public as travel documentation while on the island of Timor (Wini).

Tanjung Bastian Beach

One of the interesting spots that must be visited by tourists is Tanjung Bastian beach. Because the view from this beach is no less far from other beaches in the archipelago.

The stretch of white sand, giant trees, and mountains are also an attraction for visitors.

While at Tanjung Bastian beach, visitors can also swim to their heart's content. Because the local government from the past until now has made the beach a public space for everyone.

With only a few tens of thousands of capital, visitors can enjoy the Tanjung Bastian beach.

However, if visitors want to test their adrenaline, usually every August there is a horse racing competition among local residents. This attraction is similar to the horse race in the era of the Rowawi Kingdom and the Greek Horse, which featured skilled fighters.

This is a simple review from me as a Timorese child to introduce tourism in my area through literacy. Of course, there are still many tourist attractions in Wini. However, on another occasion, I will review it again, as a vehicle for literacy and my support to the government of North Central Timor Regency (TTU), NTT.

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